Waiver & Release of Liability

I’m responsible for my own health and well being during the event and I’ll not take any legal actions against “Skydive Egypt” and “Spread the Wings” in case of injury or worse during the course of the event.

It is mandatory to attend the Pyramids LZ orientation and the pre-jump briefing the day before the first jump day of the event.

I have my own 3rd party public liability insurance active, valid and I know that there will be no insurance sold at the event.

I’m responsible of and for bringing my own “Skydiving Gear” as there won’t be gear rentals and I know that BASE jumping gears are not allowed in this event. (Master rigger will be available in the event) I’ll also bring my gear for check in the pre-jump briefing meeting.

I certify that I don’t have or suffer from any medical, physical or mental conditions that prohibit and/or affect my participation in the event.

Participants who are found performing unsafe behavior during any part of the course of the event that could endanger himself/herself or other skydivers and non-skydivers safety, will be subject to immediate disciplinary actions where he/she will be grounded and won’t participate in the event with no charge back or refund.

I understand and certify that my reserve canopy has been repacked by a certified rigger within the past 180 days prior to the event dates.

I have an approved, active, valid (Cypres, Vigil or MarS) AAD and will be turned on before boarding the aircraft.

All rules and regulations of the utilized military air base and the Pyramids’ site (LZ) must be followed as per the pre-jumping briefing.

“Skydive Egypt” and “Spread the Wings” have the right to use any photo and footage captured during the event of you or took for you by our photographers and cameramen, all photographs and footage taken by you will be used by Skydive Egypt only if you provide your consent or make it public on social media and you will be referenced on set footage.

Jump altitude may change after takeoff due to cloud coverage and weather conditions.   

I understand that the following documents have to be sent prior to coming to the event (Valid Passport Copy – Copy of License – Copy of last jumps in Logbook – Copy of Insurance – Canopy card with reserve repacked within 180 days prior to the event date), I also understand that I have to bring the origin of the above mentioned documents for inspection prior to the actual jumps.

I understand that I must have at least 200 logged jumps to use Camera of any kind (anti-snag camera mounts are highly preferable).

My Passport has at least 6 months validity after the event completion.

If I decide not to jump for personal reasons I will not ask for charge back or refund.

Partial refunds will only be done on jumps that are canceled by “Skydive Egypt” before takeoff and not fulfilled on the reserve days.

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